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Shoot out at wadala last encounter scene of John Abraham spoof

By Dadarao Gavande 0 Comment September 18, 2018


Hey guys here is the last scene of manya surve from the movie of Shootout at wadala.lot of people are searching manya surve last encounter scene or last scene of wadala movie so we have did spoof of the movie shoot out at wadala for you. Manya surve last scene was very sentiment from the john ibraham movie shoot out at wadala. Our boys have done their best act in this spoof hope you will like this shoot out wadala spoof or one can say last scene of shoot out wadala or shoot out wadala manya surve encounter scene. John Abraham or john Ibrahim has done this manya surve role and this was one of the best role of his film career. Shoot out wadala movie will be not fulfillment without manya surve last scene. Director of shoot out at wadala has created very nice scene of manya surve encounter, even I would like to say that no one will deserve for the role of manya surve instead of john Abraham or john Ibrahim he has done his best for manya surve encounter scene as well entire shoot out at wadala movie. So I and my team watched this shoot out at wadala movie and you also have to watch this movie, I am promice you will impress from the acting of john Abraham or john Ibrahim role. So if you like this video shoot out at wadala spoof then do not forget to hit subscribe button, also share this video in your friend circle as well as do likes and comments and wait for our next video, and also suggest some ideas if you have with us. I am promise to you that my team will ever entertainment you…so take care we will met next video.

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