What is my aim?

You have to know About us

My Aim

lot of farmers didn’t know about government scheme, I am spreading information about Maharashtra as well as central government scheme in Marathi language, Hindi language and English language. My aim is very clear, I just want to spread various information regarding government scheme.


Friends since 2016 I am spreading all information regarding various government schemes for marmers, students educational forms and citizens who don’t know how to avail their various schemes through videos on MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL. My videos helps many people’s across the world you can read the comments. If you want to learn more then just do click on the below button.

Want to earn money from youtube ?

If your answer is yes then i will helps you to start your youtube channel. You want to become youtuber and want to start youtube channel just emeil me on dadaraogavande@yahoo.in


If you interested to read informational blogs then you can easily read it by visiting MY WEBSITE . if we apply some government scheme then there will be need some respective forms. I have given the option to download various respective forms that makes easy way to fill it to submit forms. I have given access to download forms not only forms but many things that common man needs. You can visit to my website, just click on the below link

Want to earn Money from Website ?

we are helping those people who want to generate revenue from website just contact us we will helps you to earn money from your website


If you want to grow your business with website then I can helps you. You can hire me as a freelancer if you need to build your website or hosting services. You know that if you want to grow your business there is need to well graphics, I am doing graphics design in Corel Draw software from last three years you can also hire me as Graphics Designer.

Last but not least

If you seen my videos  on YouTube regarding various schemes nevertheless you could not able to fill online forms then just email me on the contact@digitaldg.in

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