Crop insurance compensation learn How to do claim

Crop insurance compensation learn How to do claim

Pradhan mantri crop insurance.

If the crops damaged due to natural calamities then farmers can get compensation for their crops if they have taken insurance of their crops. If you are a farmer and your crops have been damaged due to heavy rains or any other natural calamities then you can contact the agriculture insurance company and claim for crop insurance. Crop ins are essential for farmers’ crops so that if the crops get damaged due to natural calamities, then farmers will get compensation for their crops loss.
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How to do online crop insurance?

Crop insurance can also be taken out online. Pm crop insurance can be taken out when the farmer sows the crop. Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojana i.e. is a website for farmers to take out online crop insurance for their crops. Farmer’s have to fill up the form regarding crop insurance by clicking on the option farmer’s corner on the website of  If farmers don’t have complete knowledge about how to do online crop insurance then this video provides complete information on how farmers can insure their crops on their own finger. Click here to watch the video. If farmers are not able to insure their crops themselves, they can also visit to  csc center, Aaple Sarkar Seva Kendra or nearest bank.

 Download crop insurance pdf file.

crop-insurance-application-Information-1.pdf (9355 downloads )


How to do claim for crop loss compensation?

Now let’s see how to claim for loss compensation. After filling crop insurance successfully, farmers wil get a receipt. Receipt number of farmers crop insurance is very important to claim crop insurance. Farmers have to go to the Google Play Store and download the crop insurance application in which farmers have to fill in the information of their damaged crops. Farmers also need to upload photos and videos of damaged crops. Here is a video for complete information on how to download crop insurance application, how to fill in the information of your damaged crop, how to upload photo of damaged crop, how to upload video, then how to get docket ID, how to check the status of the application by entering the docket ID, for this complete information click here to watch that video.

How to use crop insurance application?

Here is a crop insurance pdf file with graphics on how to use crop insurance application. Download that file to your mobile or computer.

Click on the link below link to download crop insurance pdf file.

crop-insurance-application-Information-1.pdf (9355 downloads )

pradhan mantri crop insurance

Which companies giving crop insurance facilities?

Various crop insurance companies offer crop insurance to farmers such as bajaj allianz crop insurance, agri crop insurance, reliance crop insurance, royal sundaram crop insurance, hdfc crop insurance, universal sompo crop insurance.

If your crops have been damaged by excess rainfall, cyclones or any natural calamity at that situation farmers can claim crop insurance loss to the company  which they have taken crop insurance.

Farmers can claim crop compensation using crop insurance application if their crop is insured under pradhan mantri crop insurance scheme. Farmers can watch the video or read crop insurance pdf file given in this article for how to claim crop insurance compensation and claim crop compensation using crop insurance application.

Use your smart phone smartly.

Friends, now is the time for social media. You can get any information on your mobile with just a pinch. If you any questions in your mind then you can search information in this regard on internet or youtube, you will find the answer to any question. When asked to take out crop insurance, many farmers still think that crop insurance has to be taken only by going to csc center, Aaple Sarkar Seva Kendra or nearest bank branch, that’s okay the facilities are available here but farmers themselves can apply for crop insurance online from their smart phone. Now you may say that farmers don’t know the process of online crop insurance then what? Okay this is the alternative option if farmers want to get information about crop insurance on youtube or internet

Conclusion of this article.

The sole purpose of writing this article was that even though many farmers have taken out crop insurance, they do not know how to claim crop compensation in case of loss of their crops and may be deprived of crop insurance compensation as they could not inform the crop insurance company about crop loss. Many farmers are not even aware of the various schemes implemented by the Maharashtra government for the benefit of farmers.

crop insurance information is available on our youtube channel.

Information regarding the schemes of Maharashtra and Central Government is given on the YouTube channel Digital DG. You can also get information about various government schemes by visiting the channel, click here to visit digital dg youtbe channel. Let us know exactly how you felt about this article in the comments box. And most importantly, share this information on your WhatsApp group, facebook pages and any other social media platforms which can help farmers to get their crops compensation. Thank you.

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